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My homemade Worktable

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  • My homemade Worktable

    I've been making Roman Blinds for a short time now but am looking out for a folding work table which would fit into my conservatory but could be put away easily. What do others do who work from home.

    This is my getting by table which is actually quite good for now but my son would lilke his football table back! It is 140cm x 90cm so ok for most romans but don't think I will attempt any curtains on it. Click image for larger version

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    Re: My homemade Worktable

    I have an 8 x 4 plywood board that hinges in the middle that I put on top of my dining room table. The top is covered with brown table protector and the bottom with a kind of furry upholstery fabric. I am not a professional curtain maker so when I'm not using it, it folds in two and gets wrapped in polythene and put in the garage. The only fault it has is that it is 6" narrower than most fabrics, but I manage. It's certainly better than crawling about the floor..... I'm too old for that now!!
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      Re: My homemade Worktable

      That sounds like a great solution, think I will have to pop down to wickes to pick up some boards.