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Janome machine 'E2 Error'

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  • Janome machine 'E2 Error'

    Hi all,
    I would like to ask if any of you have any experience of an "E2 ERROR" message on a Janome 85 machine. Mine has just stopped working and is showing this message.
    I've cleaned it out but message still showing.
    The machine is not recognising any of the instruction changes I try to tap in and is just stitching very tiny stitches on the spot/ moving backwards very slightly.
    Can you hear me groaning - I need to be working - I very much fear this could mean I need to invest in a new and better machine, but I thought I would ask hear first. (although with this being the changeover week I know I may not get too many replies)

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    Silly question, but I have to ask - does the machine manual give any error explanations that might point you in the right direction? Have you re-threaded top and bottom, changed the needle and added a drop of oil to any points suggested by the manufacturer? Are you absolutely sure there is no thread tangled in the lower feed area and the feed dog is engaged correctly?

    My Pfaff simply seizes up if I forget to oil regularly (the manual suggests every 10 hours of sewing).

    sigpic Simply Sewing


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      It could be a fuse on an internal board - this happened to me recently. You will need to take it to a shop or mechanic to have it looked at.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Hi Louise and Pen,
        I gave my machine a good clean out because my first thought was that it was just jammed up with dust,
        but it made no difference.
        I've just dropped it off at my repairers, I'd telephoned him first so by the time I arrived
        he had spoken to Janome who told him it sounds like a circuit board problem, so it could be what you say Pen.
        I will post again and let you know the outcome.
        Thanks both