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New Member Help re Machines & Making-Up Times

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  • New Member Help re Machines & Making-Up Times

    Hi Everyone,

    I've just joined and made my first post on the 'New Member' forum. I have a couple of questions - hope some of you can help.

    I have just taken a position in a newly set-up workroom for an interior designer. They have purchased industrial machines including a lockstich machine; blind hemmer and overlocker. When I worked for myself, just over 3 years ago I used an industrial blind hemmer and a domestic overlocker and a semi-industrial/domestic machine for everything else. I was a 'one woman band' before and these machines suited me and my workload well enough.

    In this new position the workload is probably not much more than I had before, although the sizes of some of the curtains will be bigger. The overlocker and blindhemmer are great to use. However, it's the lockstitch I'm not overjoyed with. There seems very little control with the foot pedal - it's either stop or full steam ahead ( I haven't got the model number but it's a Global machine) - consequently I feel I'm not in complete control and I'm not happy with some of my stitching (I am a bit of a perfectionist). It could just be I need to practise a lot more however, as the other two machines are so easy to use I'm not so sure. Is this normal or do you think the machine might need to be ajusted?

    Following on from this, what machine do you all use to do more controlled work such as sewing in the pleats for buckam headed pinch/french pleated curtains, attaching piping and sewing-in zips etc? Do you use an industrial lockstich ( which I don't think I'll be able to cope with) or do you use a slower more controllable machine? I suppose what I'm asking is should the workroom also have a heavy duty straightstitch domestic type machine for the more intricate work?

    Lastly, could you give me an idea of how long you take to make certain items to see if I'm up to 'normal expected' workroom speed yet - such as:
    Pr 4 width (2 in each curtain) 2.5 m long, lined pencil pleated curtain (nothing special about fabric)
    Pr 4 width (2 in each curtain) 2.5 m long, interlined, pinch pleated heading (nothing special about fabric)
    Roman Blind 1.2 m wide X 2 m long (again nothing special fabric)

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Re: New Member Help re Machines & Making-Up Times

    Hello JAWC

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for such a wonderful introduction,it was nice to read. With regards your machine, always put two feet on the pedal and this should help with control - If you feel it is to fast, adjust the metal bar that goes from motor to pedal, this will slow the machine down and stop you from being able to put to mush pressue on it. Pic below.

    Once you've mastered this machine you should be fine using it for everything.

    Have you registered your business yet?

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      Re: New Member Help re Machines & Making-Up Times

      Hi Schuhby,

      Thanks for such a quick reply. Tried two feet on the pedal today and can't believe what a difference it makes! I would have thought two feet on the pedal would have given you less control - shows how much I know. You really are a mine of information.

      Thanks again, you saved me alot of time and bad language.