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  • Overlocker

    Hi Everyone

    I am thinking of buying a new over locker, I have the use of a Toyota SL1T-X series but find the threading very difficult. Does anybody know of a reasonably priced machine with easy threading, A friend suggested a Janome 9102D or a Brother 3034D. It will have limited use to begin with, attaching buckram (thank you Philip for your advice) and fraying edges, so I don't want to spend too much. Until such time, like my sewing machine, I can find someone willing to teach me all the benefits of machines.

    So any suggestions out there would help also if anyone runs sewing machine lessons in the south-east.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Overlocker

    I have a Janome 9200D which I bought about a year ago for (I think) £199. I'm really pleased with it. It doesn't get masses of use but when I do need it, it does a great job. I don't find it too tricky to thread and it seems to be able to take a fair thickness of fabric without any trouble. I keep it on a tray under my work table (so it slides across the carpet easily) and just lift it onto the table when I need it so it doesn't take up much space either. Hope that helps.


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      Re: Overlocker

      Make sure that the machine you do go for can handle the thicknesses - I had a domestic overlocker and it just wouldn't work on several layers. Still struggle sometimes with the industrial overlocker.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Overlocker

        Hi there, I too am looking for a good over locker,mostly for the insides of cushions, not too complicated to thread!!!! I have a semi industrial Brother,( no longer made ) and an Elna domestic which overlocks but isnt the greatest, ie, most professional looking when it comes to finishing the edges.
        many thanks, Helen May.