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Steamer recommendations please!

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  • Steamer recommendations please!

    Have always been a bit scared of using a steamer, I was forced to use the attachment that comes with my steam floor mop on some velvet recently and it did the job pretty well. I'd like to buy a steamer to use in the workroom or at customers' houses but don't know where to start. Anyone got any advice? thank you

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    These posts should get you started...

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    I have a Propress which I've used successfully for many years but it is a bit cumbersome and difficult to use up high. I also have a Karcher Steam Iron which I swear by - I've got through about 6 but I won't use anything else because it is fantastic. So the other day I went to steam a pair of 7 (yes 7!!) width curtains - oh joy - and my Propress wouldn't work. HORROR!! Anyway in an act of desparation I turned to my Karcher iron and - blow me down - it did a brilliant job! You have to be a little careful as the steam is a little more uncontrolled and I got a couple of scalded fingers - but overall it did a really good job. I had a colleague with me and I'm not sure if that also helped as she held the fabric out - but you could consider if you don't want to shell out on a very expensive steamer. Good luck
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