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Ideal dimensions for a work table?

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  • Ideal dimensions for a work table?

    I've been working off an old dining room table - and the floor. My partner is going to make me a worktable on tressles while I wait for my new workroom to be built. In your opinion, what is the minimum practical size for a table for making curtains and blinds?

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    My table is 150cms wide by 240cms long. The width is about right- any wider and you can't reach the middle- but if you have the space, 250-300 cms length would be ideal. It depends really what size of curtains you are happy to make!

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      The width really depends on how tall you are! I'm 5 feet 9 and have a 180cm wide table, which I love because it takes nearly 1.5 widths of fabric in one go. The standard width is 150cm. And I wish I had more space for a longer table. I do a lot of curtains with a 270cm or more drop so my 245cm table is a bit short and that means an extra shifting of fabric, which takes more time.
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        My table is 150cm wide so I can get a whole roll width on it, and 2.4m long but also has a hinged flap of 60cm which takes it up to 3m when I need it. It's on big castor wheels so I roll it out and extend the flap. Had it specially made by a local carpenter and has shelving underneath.