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    Looking for some advice... I'm not in the position of being able to have a fully dedicated workspace to make full size curtains. I'm therefore looking at getting a piece of plywood and covering myself and then using it on a large table.
    I'm looking at approx. 18mm thickness plywood and 1.5m x 3 metre.
    Does this sound workable? Any other suggestions??
    I've been using my kitchen island to make my own curtains but obviously making up in a kitchen is not ideal!!!

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    Hello Ann-Marie

    Great that you are able to get a worktable - you won't look back! Mine is 2m long so I'd love something 3m but it wouldn't fit in the room!

    These posts should get you started....

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      Hi Ann-Marie

      I don’t know if your table top will be a permanent fixture but if it won’t be (ie: you’d like to use your actual table upon an occasion) it is worth thinking about how you might store the tabletop when not in use.
      An option to consider is perhaps cutting the plywood top in half (making it easier to store) and when you do need it, use 4” T brace plates along the underside to reattach the two halves. Note that it is also worth you having a protector between your plywood tabletop and your table to help stop movement as well as protecting.


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        I have a ply board which I put on my dining room table. It’s hinged in the middle and can be folded and put in the garage when not in use.
        Kind regards


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          Thanks so much for the response. Yes - I probably should look at hinging it otherwise Xmas dinner this year might be a little cramped! If hinging it can you still permanently cover the work top? Obvioulsy it be done in 2 sections?
          For T braces (I have no idea how they work - ive tried to look on You tube but cant see anything) are these screwed on each time the top is used.
          What would be the minimum size needed for curtain making - this may be another option.


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            I’m afraid I can’t help with the hinging - I’ll leave Colina to respond to that.

            The T- plate braces you can get from Screwfix - see attached link


            You'd cut your tabletop in half and then attach the two halves with T-plates on the underside of your tabletop (ie: facing your table) When you attach them, alternate the way they are facing (one this way |— and the other this way —| ) in order to distribute weight. Hope that makes sense - please just say if it doesn’t.
            Yes you’re correct in that if you dismantle it, you’ll need to screw them back in again.....but that wouldn’t take you long.

            As I mentioned in my earlier post I would suggest having a table protector in between your table top and table. You’ll need to make sure that your table top is equally balanced on all sides when it is sat on top of your table.
            Make your padded cover and just staple gun it to the underside of your tabletop.

            In terms of width and length, this is down to the amount of space you have and what your table will be able to bear with the overhang. You could always look to extend your tabletop (either by width or length) upon occasion if you have a very wide blind or extra long curtains to make - you could use tabletop add-ons with those T- plate braces but remember that you’ll need to support those extra table top pieces by attaching legs to them.

            Finally just one last thought.....the island you’ve been working at has probably been at your hip height and I don’t know the size or height of the table you’re looking to use but you’ll probably want to look into raising the height of it - otherwise you’ll end up with a rather sore back.

            Hope that’s of help.


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              I know this may be stating the obvious but can sometimes be forgotten about until you’re on site.............remember that the plywood or mdf will be heavy and you’ll need to consider how you’ll transport a 3m sheet home


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                I used to have 2 pieces of mdf that I covered for my worktable. I covered it in table protector, then interlining and then lining so that I could iron on it. I had 2 pieces of 1.5 x 1.2m that I could make a 2.4m worktable. The smaller pieces were managable to take of and store against a wall. I just butted them together and sometimes use a large bulldog clip over the join to make sure it stayed together. This worked for me for many years!

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                  Thanks so much everyone for your replies.
                  Yes the island was at hip height - so perfect. The table isn’t and I’ve been wondering about how to remedy that. Wish a had a large enough spare room!
                  I can get the sheet delivered so that should be ok. I may rethink now and look at 2 sheets.


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                    You won't be able to get a 3m length of ply (unless you go to a specialist and pay a fortune) All sheet materials are 2.4m X 1.2m.
                    John Quine
                    Brooke Design
                    Fylde Coast