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    I know this is mentioned somewhere on the forum - But has anyone used the merrick and day thread on their industrial machine - polyfil 75? I use a cheap thread and it is constantly snapping - its ok on the bobbin though. Gutterman is great on my machine but dont know who sells it at the best price.

    What can you recommend me ?


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    Re: Thread

    Kathy that thread is to thick for a machine, you want 120's for lockstitch machines. 36's are for hand sewing..

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      Re: Thread

      Kathy - Try not to use anything much less than 75s on an industrial machine. This is the correct thread size for seaming, especially face fabric. The thread count of 120s generally relegates it into the - not strong enough - bracket for seaming faces and most certainly isn't strong enough to stitch confidently down the sides of your pleats without encountering thread breakages. I will normally use between 100s and 75s but if I'm using thread to the thinner end of these i.e. 100s then I will buy a core spun poly/poly which is noticably stronger than poly/cotton or other threads. polyfil 75s, is I believe, a core spun poly/poly which would make it a very strong thread and would be ideal for you machine on a size 14 needle.

      If the thread in your machine keeps breaking when you are using 120s then you will probably find that your tension is up the creek somewhere. Either your top tension is too high or if it needs to be high to lift the lock of your stitch to the centre of the fabric your bobin tension will be set too high. Once you get the tension to the correct point i.e. as low as you can possibly sew with then another reason could be your needle size. 10 for 180c - 12 for 120s - 12 to 14 for 100s to 75s this could have an impact on thread breakage. If the thread does not fit properly into the chanel down the left side of your needle it will cause constant breakages. I can put 180s overlocking thread through both my industrials and not experience breakages as long as I use the correct size needle and sew through the appropriate fabric. If I ever have the pleasure of seeing you here even if it is just for a chat and a cuppa I will also show you where to put one spot of oil every month or so to make your machine feel much healthier and reduce your breakages considerably.