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  • Headboard legs

    Hi jusytwondered if anybody knows where we can purchase really heavy weight strong substantial headboard legs to attatch headboard to bed ,we have bought some but they are to lightweight for the job
    thanks ali x

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    Re: Headboard legs

    Whenever I make an upholstered headboard, I make the legs myself out of 3" x 1" wood, and chamfer /round off the sides and top so that they don't mark the wall.


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      Re: Headboard legs

      Hi Alic,

      My own preference is to wall hang headboards, but sometimes the situation or customer insists it on being fitted to the bed which if you have a large headboard can be a problem as they can cause a problem with wobble! What I have done in the past is same as "rjd", but if the problem persists then if you fix 2"x1" to the 3"x1" battan at a right angle this will make it more ridged but it will mean the headboard stands another inch from the wall.

      I hope this makes sense, if not pm me your number and I will fax you a sketch drawing of what I mean.
      Regards Dave and Sue


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        Re: Headboard legs

        i make the stayes the same as rjd!


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          Re: Headboard legs

          Ali, if you dont want to make them, you can buy them from
          Kind regards
          Pen Harrison
          Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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            Re: Headboard legs

            I have to agree with Dave and Sue. Wall mounted headboards are wonderful.
            I did this in my own home and love it. The headboard does not wiggle and you can move the bed away from the wall easily for cleaning without the headboard attached.

            A cleat can be made of wood or a metal cleat is available here in the US from Rowley Company.

            The cleat is an angled board.... the wall mounted board has an up angle and the down angled board is mounted to the wall.

            Same for the purchased cleat which is made of steel. This allows you to scoot the headboard left or right to get it perfectly centered.

            Otherwise if legs are requested I do the same as the others.

            I hope this helps.

            Good luck,
            Susan Woodcock
            Charlotte, NC


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              Re: Headboard legs

              I go to the local second hand/house clearance shop, and buy old headboards with the legs,normally get them for between £2 - 5!!

              bargain,currently have seven in back room, paid £20 for them, and size vary from single to king!

              sometimes,if easy to strip,i use the same backboard as well and add new foam! But the legs are always in a good shape,so I just reuse them! Cheapest legs,you'll ever find lol....


              Sukhi x
              Butterfly Interiors
              Sue Rhodes Interiors


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                Re: Headboard legs

                I was tempted the other day to buy a headboard from a car boot just to recover, wasnt sure what I was going to do with it in the meantime!
                K W Designs


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                  Re: Headboard legs

                  I love doing headboards. I always use the wall mount brackets now too.
                  Kindest Regards,