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Should I reupholster?

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  • Should I reupholster?

    I have two howard style armchairs which I would like to have recovered. They are in very good condition and are good quality, so I think they only need recovering but what do you upholsterers think about a curtain maker doing it herself? Is it possible to follow a book or do you think it's madness on my part?

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    Re: Should I reupholster?

    Hia Janie

    The book I used when I started learning were Upholstery a practical guide by Desmond Gaston - I think they quite rare now, but I got a copy of ebay.
    Also I just started recovering chairs that I bought from auction to practise on - until I pestered the local upholsterer to take me on :P

    Is there any local upholstery classes where you could take one of the chairs as a project.

    Well worth doing C&G if they still run this type of course and if you have the time.

    Just do it - this great forum will keep you right. You have a head start because you are already a curtain maker

    Julie - Originals Upholstery & Soft Furnishings
    Kind Regards
    Julie Monty


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      Re: Should I reupholster?

      I bought a book a few months ago and was motivated by it as the instruction for complete upholstery are so easy to follow. I have bought many upholstery books over the years they all they've ever done is collect dust, this one is different.

      Take a look at Simple Upholstery I can certainly recommend it.
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        Re: Should I reupholster?

        I have considered simple upholstery too, but the fire and flame retardency rules and regulations keep scaring me off. They seem to complex. I have added that book to my Amazon wish list. Thanks Philip.


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          Re: Should I reupholster?

          Thanks for all the advice. I have ordered the simple upholstery book through Amazon- a bargain at £4.50 second hand! The chairs are too big and heavy for me to contemplate taking to an evening class unfortunatly. Still unsure whether to have a go but I'll see what the 'little book' has to offer


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            Re: Should I reupholster?

            Go for it! I'm not saying its easy but as some one has already said you've got a head start being a curtain maker! Have a look at the book and just remember to work through one stage at a time.

            I've been upholstering for 5 years now so will help you all I can and I absolutely love it!
            Kindest Regards,