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  • romo fabric pelmets

    i have just made a pelmet in some very beautiful and very expensive Romo fabric for a very fussy chappy .BIG BIG PROBLEM
    the pelmet is quiet wide so i have had to put two seams in it full width in middle and 2 smaller ones either side the fabric however seems to change colour where the seams are ,its as if the fabric graduates in colour across the width of the face faric
    aAlthough this certainly wasnt noticeable when we cut them out its only when they are held up that i can notice NOW THEN DO I A ] put them up and hope hes got bad eye sight
    I b ]put them up ( supposed to be fitted on monday ) and call in the rep from ROMO

    C]say OMG THEY WERE OK IN OUR WORKROOM LIGHT must be his lighting
    d ] lose the will to live
    any ideas x

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    Re: romo fabric pelmets

    Oh my oh my why do these things always happen when theres a deadline to meet? Gosh I feel for you

    Is it a plain fabric ? The only thing I can think of if its a plain fabric, then you may have mistakenly joined the fabric in the same direction = differing colours on the seam which will be obvious.

    If its not that I'd be inclined to speak tp the customer care dept at Romo. Sorry not much else I can think of really.

    Certainly dont loose the will to live, we'd miss you too much alic!


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      Re: romo fabric pelmets

      thanks t-amb that was lovely the fabric is patterned with a mammouth pattern repeat (ridiculous pattern repeat not necessary !!!!!! ) think i will phone romo rep he can sort it out if mr smarty pants notices which i think he will . Oh well just another thing in the day of a curtain maker arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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        Re: romo fabric pelmets

        Is it just where the seams are? It's not where you pressed the seams open, is it?
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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          Re: romo fabric pelmets

          HI pen thanks for reply i think the fabric seems to start off on the left hand side selvedge a slightly darker shade then gradually and very subtely graduates to a slightly lighter shade on the right hand side selvedge. i wonder if there is a variation in thethreads as it has been woven .the trouble is whn you seam up you are joining a dark piece then to a lighter piece if that makes any sense !!! so dark ---------- getting lighter ] SEAM [ dark oh its been a long day !!!!


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            Re: romo fabric pelmets

            Hi Ali,

            OMG. I have had this with lining recently. So you won't have joined them incorrectly. If he notices, say it was not noticeable in the light of your workroom. Leave it where it is and get Romo to get involved. Sometimes the flaws in fabric are so subtle you could not have noticed it any sooner. However I fear that the most you can expect is the replacement fabric, don't suppose you will be compensated for your time. How [email protected]@dy annoying. He may pay you straight away if you leave the pelmet there and make another at your leisure.