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Nailing pelmets up

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  • Nailing pelmets up

    I've got a nail gun and the brad nails. I assume I need to nail into the wood through the buckram and wadding. I assume I should then pull the fibres over the nail to hide it.

    How do I hide the nails when I'm using a densely woven slubbed silk? Won't the nails tear the fabric and make holes?

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    Re: Nailing pelmets up

    Hi Bluebell,

    I have only put pelmets up latterly with velcro. I think that when you put up a nailed pelmet, you need to use a trim to hide the nailheads. I know in upholstery, you use a braid (gimp?) which you hold in place with a little glue and gimp pins. These are fine nails with heads the same/similar colour as the trim. Could you slip stitch a band to the back of the pelmet and draw this up to the top of the pelmet board and nail in place if you don't want to attach velcro?

    Anyone else, please amend this reply!!


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      Re: Nailing pelmets up

      Use a nail gun. I have an Arrow combined stapler and nail gun. The heads are so small they dissappear under the fabric if you lift it over with a bodkin. Just be a bit more careful with silk
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