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Price for upholstered pelmets? Help please!

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  • Price for upholstered pelmets? Help please!

    I'm a bit out of date, I think, and need to revise my pricing for upholstered pelmets. I usually charge by the foot, including the returns, and make them from 4mm ply, wadding or domette, attaching them with Velcro to a 4x1" (or 6x1") PSE pelmet board which is painted or covered in fabric according to the project. I include M&D brackets to attach the pelmet board to the wall. At least one edge is hand stitched. Would anyone be able to share their retail prices for this type of project with me? Think I was charging £30/foot at last count. Any thoughts gratefully received!

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    Re: Price for upholstered pelmets? Help please!

    Hi Jackie
    Glad somebody else resides in North Yorkshire.
    Your prices are exactly what I am charging for your information regarding upholstered pelmets. A certain company in Harrogate charge that as well, so sure we are on the correct charges
    Kind regards
    Kind Regards
    Julie Monty


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      Re: Price for upholstered pelmets? Help please!

      Hi folks,
      just thought I would add my input, I also charge that for Ply/upholstered pelmets, as far as brackets are concerned, there are other suppliers on the market and costs can vary quite a lot, it really depends on whether the company your buying them in from put their markup ontop of someone elses wholesale prices before they end up with you, if you follow, always worthwhile shopping round, even a little difference in such as brackets soon adds up, as far as returns go, I would always suggest 150mm returns minimum, as anything smaller than this tends to be too tight to work under and doesnt leave much room for curtain bunching, I also find it is better to put Hand Pinch pleats , underslung onto the curtain rails as this takes less 'stack' up when drawn back, also leads to a much better drape when finished than Pencil pleats.


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        Re: Price for upholstered pelmets? Help please!

        Thanks everyone - this is what makes this site such a useful resource! I didn't really want to use devious methods to get the information from my competitors ... isn't it irritating when you get a call from someone who is pretending to be a potential customer but you know is just another curtainmaker trying to get trade secrets!

        Thanks Malc also for the additional useful info on returns, pleating etc. - we're singing from the same hymn sheet on that one!


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          Re: Price for upholstered pelmets? Help please!

          So what exactly does your £30/ft cover? Everything (timber, makeup of box, brackets, wadding/dommette, lining, upholstery of the box) bar face fabric cost?

          What if someone wants a really deep pelmet upholstering? Do you have a scale that £30/ft is up to a certain depth? Just thinking of very tall Victorian bay windows where the depth is often pretty big.


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            Hi there,

            I'm quoting for my first upholstered pelmet and wondered if £30 a foot is still roughly the going rate? And is this per square foot? Assuming it includes timber and interlining etc?

            I'm struggling to price the job and just want to know if I'm in the right ballpark. I know asking about price can be tricky, so only after a very general steer.

            It's for a straight pelmet in a bay.

            Appreciate any advice



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              This site gives a price for a pelmet 'blank' which might helpget you started
              This one gives you an 'own fabric' option for buckram pelmet, again, it should give you an idea of current market prices even though you may want to tweak to change to Essex board or ply insted of buckram

              sigpic Simply Sewing