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  • Loose Covers For Sofas

    Hi Folks

    How many of you 'loose cover' experts, that do sofas, actually go out and do the covers at the client's home? (ie measure, pin fit etc and take it away).

    I have been approached by a client about doing her suite, and I would prefer to take it away to my workshop, she has stated that the last two covers were done by people who did a couple of visits to her home.

    Just interested in other's preferances, I know what mine is LOL.
    Kind Regards
    Julie Monty

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    Re: Loose Covers For Sofas

    I always do them in the client's home, for various reasons. The first visit is a measure and to quote, which you would have to do anyway, and the second visit is to pin-fit, which takes 2-4 hours. I don't have room in my workroom for furniture, and then how do you get a heavy sofa in the back of the van?

    If it's a suite, I would do the sofa on one visit and the chairs on a second, simply because I find them quite tiring to do nowadays.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: Loose Covers For Sofas

      I always do loose covers in the clients home as well. One visit to do enough measuring to order fabric and quote. Second visit I make a pattern and precise measurements and take photos ,especially of any tricky bits. Then a last visit to fit. Works for me , but I guess we all have our different working methods