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  • Different fabrics

    I've been asked to make a loosecover for a chair from a collection of oddments of tweed, and similar weight fabrics. There was a Kath Kidson one,in either an article in a Sunday supplement, or a catalogue, a mixture of one floral and two or three stripes, and there's a company called Squint who use dozens of different fabrics on one chair(upholstered, though).
    It's a small wing chair, and what is exercising me at the moment, as I look at it, draped with many cloths, is: should I do it symmetrically, inside wings blue print, inside arms pink tweed(I'm not joking) outside arms grey tweed, and so on, or should I be completely random? Or armfronts the same. and inside wings the same, and every thing else random?
    The art student has taken a heavy cold to bed and is being no help, the husband just shudders.
    There's plenty of fabric,and they all go well together in terms of weight, and colour values. Can't ask the customer, I KNOW she'll say "whatever you think will look best" she always does, bless her.
    Different, anyway!

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    Re: Different fabrics

    Hi Nic
    Wow what a fantastic project!
    I think if I were approaching this I would maybe do fabrics diagonally opposite if that makes sense. One front arm right and one inside arm left in the same colour and the the left front arm and right inside arm in another fabric and then the rest random.
    I am a great believer in getting as many opinions as poss before deciding what to do.
    But I would arrange all the different fabrics where I think they should go and take a photo then maybe try a different combination and take another photo load them on to my laptop and see what looks best.
    This approach may be too time consuming but I think its what I would do.
    Hope this has helped.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes


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      Re: Different fabrics

      What a good idea Penny, drape fabrics & take photos. I think this calls for totally random which I would find impossible cos I can't work like that
      Please post pics when u r finished Nic.


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        Re: Different fabrics

        I would definitely go random and do what Penny suggests.

        Oo er what fun!
        K W Designs