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  • Denton Drapes Observer Day

    I have just returned from the Observer day at Denton Drapes. I was met by Penny and Lynne and teamed up with Jan and Rachael. Jan and Rachael were both making roman blinds with black out lining. I picked up many new tips and techniques from both these ladies. I was made to feel very welcome, everyone was very friendly and helpful.

    I worked with Jan and learnt a lot from her, i.e different way to stab stitch from what I am use to, useful tips on using black out lining, Rachael's tips on pricing roman blinds. Denton Drapes workroom is very efficient, the standard of work produce by the ladies is very high, I also had a question and answer session with Penny, which was helpful.

    I recommend a day at Denton Drapes, for me it was money well spent
    thank you all

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    Re: Denton Drapes Observer Day

    Hello Maureen
    It is always a pleasure to have professionals like you come to spend the day with us. I am glad you enjoyed it. Hope your journey home wasn't too long.
    please keep in touch.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes