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  • New year new skill?

    For new members or people who haven't visited for a while......

    If you're feeling inspired to learn a new skill, or take up making soft furnishings in 2020 I'd like to invite you to visit my educational website The Virtual Workroom. I set it up to share all sorts of tips and skills I've acquired over the years (some from generous friends and members here).

    There is an area with free short tips and tricks, and another with longer tutorial Guides that you can download for a small fee.

    Topics covered include:-
    • Calculating Pleats
    • Understanding 'Wave' Curtains
    • Making a Contrast Border Bed Throw
    • Using Stripes on a Quartered Cushion
    • Pleating Curtain Headings to Pattern
    • Setting up a First Workroom
    • Understanding Eyelet Curtains
    • Linings and Interlinings
    • Handmade Heading Glossary
    • Making a Simple Bordered Cushion
    • Roman Blind Worksheet
    • Using a Micro Tagging Gun
    • Making a Round Gathered Cushion
    • Making a Straight Pelmet

    sigpic Simply Sewing

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    Please can you tell me how I find the Virtual Workroom?, thanks


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      You can find the site at and also on Facebook and Instagram....

      sigpic Simply Sewing