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  • Qualifications

    Hi everyone.

    I am a self taught curtain maker and i never took up any course or training.
    I use to sew for many years back home and since i cam here 15 years ago.
    Learnt to make curtains and blinds completely by my self just by looking at old curtains at the beginning and then reading on old books, websites etc
    I absolutely love doing it.But i really am good at teaching as well. And i am thinking of probably teaching in the future on colleges or curtain making courses..
    But since i dont have any qualifications to show off, im thinking to take things further by doing so..
    Where do you all think it will be a good place to start? What do i need to do to achieve my dream of teaching sewing and curtain making?
    Im sure i will need to learn a lot my self because there is always things to learn in life, so this can only be good for me.
    I would really appreciate all your input


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    Re: Qualifications

    Good for you, Seri, in wanting to pass on your knowledge to others! Only today I gave a quick 'how -to make a simple curtain' over the phone to a lady, and she was so pleased that I'd given her the confidence to do something simple for a summer house/shed. I have taught ladies in my own home to do allsorts of sewing in the past as an income earner. I do have a big space for this in my home and the ladies all brought their own machines. So it's possible to teach without any formal qualifications as a self-employed person. Many years ago the local Adult Education College approached me to teach without any qualifications, which I did for just one year, but nowadays I think teaching in an establishment as an employee would be different. To learn what qualifications would be necessary to be a teacher at a college, just make enquiries of the place you wish to go to. I think there will be a difference between studying for a diploma at a place that is just teaching soft furnishing/ curtain making, (which you already know!) and getting a diploma in order to teach the subject. Sorry, I can't help more, I don't live in the UK, so don't know the places to research further!


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      Re: Qualifications

      I did a short curtain making course years ago and the tutor said at the time you needed to have a City and Guilds course under your belt I think it was a level two. This was at an adult education centre.


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        Re: Qualifications

        You don't need any qualifications to make curtains or to teach curtain making. But you will learn a lot by following a good qualification course, one place to start is your local technical college, to see if they offer any courses.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings