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  • Advice Please !!!

    Hi All
    Sorry for the long silence, have been quite busy looking after my poorly hubby, still not out of the woods yet , but good consultant and getting lots of tests done so I can now start to concentrate on our future.

    I would really like to start my own soft furnishings business from home, have been dabbling for many years doing the odd things for friends , family and some small customers so have done some work at least.

    I would really like to know if anyone has been on , done or thinking about the NDA course in Soft Furnishings. I have been looking at their site and they are not available to talk to today due to the Easter Break but am I right in seeing that the fees are very reasonable??? I thought the course would be thousands but it looks like I can get funding just by living in England or am I reading this wrong???

    Any advice would be really appreciated as I have been thinking about this for a long time and am now wanting to do something about it.


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    Re: Advice Please !!!

    Sorry to hear you have been busy looking after your husband, but good news that you are now making positive progress.

    If you check the Course Feedback section several people have given info on the NDA course, hopefully enough to give you some idea of its value. You might also want to consider looking for an Observer Day nearby as nothing can beat seeing jobs done in 'real life' with the opportunity to ask questions.

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