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Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

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  • Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

    Double sided sticky tape
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    Re: Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

    Hi Schuby

    I found this video really helpful. I'm probably being a bit stupid but when I make my blinds, I haven't used buckram before, I do everything else excluding the buckram just because that hasn't ever crossed my mind before. What is the reason for the buckram? Does it give a better finish or help the blind to stay looking good for longer? and is that buckram bought in at that size or have you cut it down to size?


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      Re: Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

      The buckram is added so that the blind doesn't curl over at the top when attached to the track. And no stitching is visible on the front. I use 6" single sided buckram and cut (or more accurately rip) it into 3cm strips.
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        Re: Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

        Thanks Jacqui

        I'm going to try this on my next job. I have been attaching the velcro later on in the process after joining the main fabric and lining, I press in the seams and attach the velcro the seam of the main fabric and lining and then slip stitch the folded fabric so no visible stitching but it can be a bit fiddly .


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          Re: Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

          I have started doing the Velcro and buckram at the top as the first thing as even with the DST it does sometimes pull in a wee bit, and then I press in the sides after that.


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            Re: Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

            Please could you tell me where I would put the buckram on an interlined blind? I have an order for 32 roman blinds! Talk about baptism of fire I will be using the bonded interlining as recommended in lots of posts. Should I cut the interlining at the fold line and attach the buckram just to the main fabric flap? Or do I fold over the interlining too and put the buckram on the interlining flap?

            Thank you
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              Re: Adding Velcro - Roman Blind

              I am sure we all have our own systems & mine has changed over time but generally I sew the velcro onto the face fabric first then add the interlining up to the top (not folded over) then the buckram into the heading between the interlining & the face fabric. At the bottom I put in a folded in half piece of buckram with a roman blind rod in it with interlining & face fabric folded over it. I have recenly found that a roman blind rod is (in the buckram) sufficient & doesnt add to the weight of the blind. Good luck with your big job.


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                Hi guys,
                can I just ask, on the video he uses double sided sticky tape for the loop tape instead of sewing it on. Has anyone done this method or used the self adhesive type? Very new to this method but not new to Curtain making; have been making curtains and blinds for twenty year, but I like the thought of the buckram insertion. Thank you


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                  Hi Samantha
                  The sticky tape is used to secure the loop tape in position before sewing it on.
                  The tape keeps the Velcro from slipping about whilst it is being sewn.
                  Hope that makes sense.