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  • new kid on the block!

    Hi there, i have just spent the last few days reading all the topics that you cover concerning soft furnishings. I'm feeling a little out of my depth. I have been making curtains for some time now and feel i would like to do it for a prof ession but it seems i have a long way to go ! So many questions on where to begin, what are the requirments apart from being able to sew and understand the basics of making curtains. Where do you all work from it seems as if you all have very successfull bussinesses, is there anyone else out there like me just starting out.

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    Re: new kid on the block!

    Hi Fleur - don't be disheartened! Many of us work from home, full and part time or make curtains as a hobby. Others have workrooms at home, or run businesses but still get their hands on fabrics and materials.

    I think you will find lots of interesting topics to browse, and hopefully some useful tips and answers to questions along the way. Make use of the search facility up in the top right hand corner and you'll be amazed at what pops up.

    We are all still learning, and it is fascinating to get input from all sorts of different people and their range of experiences.

    I would say when you are starting out (like I did about 5 years ago) invest in some good books - check the Favourite Books section and perhaps go round the curtain departments of some local stores (can you get to a J Lewis? Dunelm? Fabric Warehouse?) and take a look at their display items (look at the back as well as the front!) to see the range of quality and workmanship that is out there. Also, perhaps consider a home study course like the NDA Diploma as a grounding in the basics (see the Training section).

    If you do start taking on work, the biggest lesson I learnt is not to take on too much at once and put yourself under pressure - that's when you start getting over-tired and perhaps making mistakes that you spend valuable (and sometimes expensive) time correcting.

    Feel free to start posting questions in the relevant sections - we love them!

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      Re: new kid on the block!

      Hi Fleur,

      can only endorse what Louise has said, everyone has to start somewhere, sometime. This is a very friendly forum and NO question is too daft to ask...there is always somebody who has done the same thing.

      Take it slow and don't take on too much, too quickly. You don't say where you are based, you never know there could be somebody near to you who could give help and advice.



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        Re: new kid on the block!

        Hello Fleur

        Welcome to the forum, you're certainly in the right place for help, advice and most importantly, support.

        Have you registered your business yet?

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          Re: new kid on the block!

          Hi Fleur

          I've only been sewing professionally for 3 yrs and only work part time from home. I still feel like a beginner compared to some on this forum but everyone is SO helpful and friendly so don't be intimidated. As Enid says - we all have to start somewhere sometime and no question is too daft.



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            Re: new kid on the block!

            Thanks for the kind welcome you have all given me, it has made me feel a lot better about going forward. I have always loved sewing but have never felt up to the standards that are out there. I will take on board all of your helpfull suggestions, that is if i can tear myself away from reading all that is already available to me on this forum. Such a lot of good information. Today i was making cushion covers when i was having trouble getting the zip to go on to the zipper, when i remembered seeing something by 'Schubby' on how to do this very quickly so here i am now trying to find it again!!!
            The trouble is i go on from one subject to another as it is all so very interesting ! Well must carry on looking, many thanks again for your warm welcome.