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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone

    I have already posted a desperate plea for advice on Pinch Pleat curtains but thought I'd better say hello and say what a wonderful site I think this is, something I have been looking for a long time for!!!! Well done!!!

    Well I have been making things all sorts and dabbling for years, finally decided that I quite liked making curtains etc when I was offered severence from BA 9 years ago and went to work for a little curtain making company near to where I live. The knowledge I gained was invaluable and learnt how to make things easily and not too fussy whilst making things for paying clients, I would have loved to have taken this further but could not afford to live on £4 per hour so had to leave and get a real job. Have been dabbling ever since, doing jobs for various people but never really getting a grip and making it my business.

    We moved 3 years ago and I now have a lovely workroom/office, the converted garage so no excuses now, but am still struggling with confidence etc and being good at lots of different things and being sure that they will look nice and fit?!?!?!?!?

    I work 4 days a week for local authority and then look after my doggy and my partner and make things and keep a nice house, so quite busy, but my passion would be to start out and make a go of the business.

    So that's me in a nutshell and thank god I have found this site, looks like I will make some more curtain friends!!!


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    Re: Hello Everyone!

    [attachment=0:1tb0z9sy]hello.gif[/attachment:1tb0z9sy]Smiley and a big welcome to the forum

    Well done on your first post, thats often the hardest one to make and its plain sailing from thereon! We are a friendly and extremely helpful bunch who like nothing more that to share tips and help one another out, so you will be in very good company indeed

    Im pretty sure that you have what it takes to be successful in your dreams , it only takes perseverence and determination and you'll wonder why ever doubted yourself!Go for it !

    Good luck with your current curtains.



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      Re: Hello Everyone!

      I am in a similar position i work for a shop only one day per week as i have small children although i have nt worked all summer as things are quiet. The money is not that good but its having the confidence to go it alone and also i like to go out of the house as i am at home with the children so it is a welcome break! for me
      my youngest will be at pre school soon so will have a couple of hours twice a week and am thinking of a course possibly interior design to compliment my soft furnishings


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        Re: Hello Everyone!

        Welcome to our friendly home. Hope you enjoy it with us!
        Kindest Regards,


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          Re: Hello Everyone!

          Hello, Smiley,
          Great to have another happy sounding person with us!
          Kind regards
          Pen Harrison
          Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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            Re: Hello Everyone!

            Hello and'll soon be addicted to the forum like the rest of us


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              Re: Hello Everyone!

              Hi Smiley

              Nice to have you on-board.

              Good luck with your first steps

              K W Designs