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  • Hello at last!

    Hello! At last I am able to post on this forum without losing my connection to it! It has been a technical problem of mine since the forum started and I have had to be patient and only get occasional glimpses of what has been going on. I'm hoping the technical problems are behind me now and may have something to do with the fact that we have had a new phoneline installed after our local squirrels nibbled through the last one!

    As on of the admin staff of this site I am looking forward to getting to know everyone now, although I recognise many names from days on AW and hope to be able to help out when needed - not that any of you sound like you need it particularly. More the other way round.

    Like everyone else I seemed to be making roman blinds mostly at the moment. Will the fashion change soon do you think?

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    Re: Hello at last!

    Hi Ali,
    nice to meet you. I feel for you when it comes to those pesky little critters....we had problems with them a few years back, kept getting into our roof, having babies and scratching around in the early hours of the morning right above my head, it was torture for me, being a light sleeper also. Managed to get rid of them by having all new upvc guttering, making sure no holes...thanks goodness, i was ready to move, couldnt take it any more.
    Work has really slowed down for me for a while starting to pick up again. I am mainly making roman blinds and eyelet curtains are still popular......
    bye for now