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interlined roman blinds

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  • interlined roman blinds

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    Re: interlined roman blinds

    There are so many methods. As interlining is so stretchy (especially domett) I cut it oversized, lay it on the back of the face fabric and smooth it out. I then fold it over with the turnings and cut it level with the turnings at this point. In effect it's the same size as the face fabric but I don't cut it to size in advance.

    At the top I machine the velcro on through all layers (lining, interlining and face fabric) just above the line of the finished top and then trim all layers behind the velcro and turn the velcro down and slip stitch the other edge of the velcro through the lining and interlining. I haven't needed or tried buckram but imagine it would work well on floppy fabrics. I use a very stiff lining for blinds which gives structure to the top once it's turned over with all the other layers.

    Hundreds of other methods to follow no doubt.