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  • Introduction

    Hi there,
    I'm new to all of this...I came across this site whilst looking for a possible answer to a query I have about how to price.
    Anyhow, I'm not a business woman I'm working full time in a completely different field totally removed from this, but like some of you completed various courses with the NDA...would love to do more by attending in person but my job dictates otherwise, plus I'm from the south near Portsmuth and there doesn't appear to be many down this neck of the woods.
    I make curtains/blinds etc for people but not on a large scale and it is by word of mouth.
    Compared to my present work I find sewing really hello to all of you ... Jean

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    Re: Introduction

    Hi Jean and a big welcome to the forum!

    You were very sensible not to say what your profession might be bombarded with questions from us and that wouldn't be much of an escape for you!

    I'm sure you'll have lots of fun here. Perhaps you will post some of your curtains and blinds in the gallery when you have time. It's such a boost when people say nice things about projects one has spent time working on.....!

    Hope you see you about in the future.


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      Re: Introduction

      Hello Jean

      Welcome to the forum and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.. We're a friendly bunch here, very supportive and helpful! Nice to have you on board.

      Have you looked in the courses section? you may find something in there of use.

      Have you registered your business yet?

      A MyDecozo Directory


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        Re: Introduction

        Hello Jean and a big welcome from me too.

        Well done on your introduction, the first post is always the hardest but no need to worry about asking questions here, we are a very friendly bunch

        I look forward to seeing you on the board. Be warned though , Decozo's rather addictive reading :P


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          Re: Introduction

          Welcome aboard Jean, be warned its very additive! Excellent advise is offered by all though. Look forward to your posts.
          Kindest Regards,


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            Re: Introduction

            Hi Jean

            Welcome to our forum, its a very useful site, you will be logging in everyday soon! (nice to have someone else from the south on the forum)

            K W Designs


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              Re: Introduction

              Hi Jean and welcome

              You'll find lots of very friendly and helpful people here. And it's so addictive, I've (almost) stopped watching TV!


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                Re: Introduction

                Welcome Jean,

                I am in Littlehampton, the other side of Bognor Regis, not too far from you...