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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Alison, please call me Ali.
    I am currently studying intro to soft furnishings at my local tafe, here in Western Australia.
    Im a Mum, (currently trying to get my son to do his homework!) and I LOVE all things crafty, especially sewing.
    I used to have a highly stressful office job, but I've happily chucked it all in, to follow my own path to happiness.
    I have so many questions for all of you, I dont know where to start!
    Im over the moon to have found this website, and cant wait to chat, make some new friends, and be inspired x x

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    Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Ali, its great to have someone from down under on the forum, where abouts do you live? I'm sure you will find loads of help here, but if you go in for curtain making it can be stressful too!


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      Re: Hello Everyone!

      Welcome Ali, we have other Aussies who visit here as well.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Hello Everyone!

        Welcome Ali! Bet the weather is a bit nicer where you are - here in North Yorkshire it's grey, miserable and foggy ... but it's nice and warm and bright in my workroom, so who cares?! Hope you enjoy the site, which is a fount of useful information and support.



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          Re: Hello Everyone!

          Hello Ali - glad you found us. it is always interesting to have input from other countries/continents.......

          sigpic Simply Sewing


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            Re: Hello Everyone!

            Hi and welcome from me too, glad to have you onboard


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              Re: Hello Everyone!

              Hi Ali,
              A very warm welcome from me in Coooold Ireland. Like you I got out of the stressful office and love my curtain making and would never go back not for all the money in the world. You'll enjoy this site everyone here is so friendly and very very helpful. I've learned so much I have no idea how I coped before.


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                Re: Hello Everyone!

                Hi Ali and welcome!

                I hate to think of you, 3 weeks from Christmas, and not a snowflake in sight - not!

                Really hope you enjoy popping into Decozo and asking lots of questions -they're a clever lot so there's bound to be someone who will come back with an answer before too long.

                Hope the homework got done!


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                  Re: Hello Everyone!

                  Hi Ali

                  Welcome from me too. I also left a stressful job to pursue my fabric dreams! I have to agree with Janie about there being a certain amount of stress in this job, but, on the bright side, their is always someone here to give advice.

                  Good luck with your course and if you find a way to get your son to do his homework, do share!

                  From Jo


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                    Re: Hello Everyone!

                    Hello Ali,
                    Your enthusiasm makes me smile. I hope you will find inspiration here.
                    Best Wishes,
                    Susan Woodcock
                    Charlotte, NC


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                      Re: Hello Everyone!

                      Hi Ali, it great to hear from another Aussie (although I am on the east side)

                      I did look at doing the TAFE course nearish to me, but with pick up & drop off for school/preschool I could not guarantee I would get ther in time with Sydney traffic. Plus as a former Brit, I have done the NDA course so was unsure how much more I would learn.

                      Getting so near the end of the school year you must have nearly finished the course?