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  • Hello everyone

    Thought it would be nice if I actually introduced myself before I started posting, having just joined.

    I currently do sewing for a living but not curtains. I used to make curtains but stopped doing them many many years ago, partly due to lack of space. Anyway I have over the last few months been getting more and more enquiries about making curtains and have finally decided that I would start making them again having just secured a job making curtains which came via word of mouth. This job will entail making full length curtains with hand pleated tops, floor length for three rooms in a wonderful old 1710 house. So I'll be fishing out all my old notes and picking your brains if you dont mind as all the curtains I have made have been for myself in a run of the mill three bed semi, not floor length and all made using curtain tape, sorry if thats a nasty word to some of you.

    I've been looking at previous posts over the last couple of days and my what alot of information I have gained its making me quite inspired to get started on the curtains.

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    Re: Hello everyone

    A big hello from me, Marian. You will find this site invaluable with so many interesting and helpful posts to read 'thru. As you've no doubt read, it's addictive, you mean to log on for 10mins, spot something interesting and still be on an hour later!!

    Sounds like a very interesting job you have coming up,

    Good luck
    Kind regards



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      Re: Hello everyone

      Hello Marian, thanks for introducing yourself. Good luck with the curtains - there's always someone here if you have any questions.......

      sigpic Simply Sewing


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        Re: Hello everyone

        Welcome to the site , its a great source of help and inspiration. Good luck with the curtains


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          Re: Hello everyone

          Hi Marian

          Welcome from me too. I am a new girl to the site and have learnt so much in such a short space of time! It is like having someone next to you to help all the time.

          Good luck with the curtains.

          From Jo


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            Hi Marian!!!!

            A big welcome and good luck with your curtains. Glad you're inspired!


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              Re: Hello everyone

              Welcome from me too.

              Hope you enjoy your stay