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  • bit of an odd one!

    Hi Everyone,
    As part of a course I am studying for Greenwich University I have to do a research project, the research has to relate to my subject specialism but also to the improvement of the teaching practice. I have decided to carry out an investigation to discover if the introduction of Individual Learning Plans in Arts and Craft classes be beneficial to learners and staff? Because of the huge diversity of craft courses, unlike most other courses, I believe it is useful to know as soon as possible what a student already knows and what they wish to learn so that I can plan a successful course. I know this is a bit of an odd one! But has anyone had any experience in using individual learning plans with students or has anyone used them as a student. In your response could you let me know if you used this as part an accredited or non accredited course? If you found it a useful tool to a) pin point the starting point of a student. b) To understand how the student wished to progress c) to gather information that may help you plan your scheme of work. d) To become aware of special needs that the student may have.
    How was the Individual learning plan presented a) As a questionnaire to be completed, b) As a tutor / student conversation with the tutor taking notes c)Something different. If you used the plan as a student could you consider these points from the student perspective? As part of the assignment I have been asked to engage in an online forum then print responses for evidence, if anyone could take a few minutes to have a think about this I would be grateful. By the way if you feel that an Individual Learning Plan is just a waste of time and another pointless piece of paper please feel free to say so. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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    Re: bit of an odd one!

    Hi Susan67
    I think an individual learning plan sounds a good idea but none of the courses I have ever attended had them.
    The courses I have attended in the past have always had a mix of ladies with different skill levels and experience so I would often be covering something I already knew how to do.
    If there had been an ILP system in place I might not have wasted time and I would have learnt more.
    This must be a similar thing to an IEP individual education plan that are used in schools.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes


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      Re: bit of an odd one!

      Hi Susan

      I'm attending a course at the moment, there are 14 students all with different experience, from one who doesn't know how to use a sewing machine to another who has been sewing for years and wants to broaden her horizon. Our tutor, at first, was running round in circles trying to help everybody all of the time, which of course never worked. We now almost have a ILP, all though not in writing, We each have our own personal project and the tutor works around the class helping each of us at the different skill levels, it seems to be working.



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        Re: bit of an odd one!

        Thank you so much for your replies Penny and Joan, it is great to get other points of view on the subject. I see my Uni tutor on Tuesday so I can now show evidence that I have begun something. Any other thoughts from anyone welcome.
        Thanks again


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          Re: bit of an odd one!

          Hello Susan67

          On my last course we used a ILP, we started to fill it in, but never did it again, There is so much paperwork with courses I personally think the amount of paperwork puts student off, especially matured students.

          I cannot really see who benefits from using Individual Learning Plans. It does show the student progress I agree with that. But I still feel there is far too much paperwork with courses these days.

          In fact I know of two tutors who have left Adult Ed courses for that very reason.

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