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  • Finding My Way Around

    Hi, I am Anne-Marie, my company is A.M. Designs Ltd, based in Stanmore Middlesex and have been running my own successful curtain/soft furnishings business now for 18 years, mainly through a lot of hard work and determination. I came across this site by chance when looking for some photos of Swags/Tails for a project I am on and since Saturday when I joined have become a bit addicted as there is so much information to be had. This is going to be so invaluable. I used to take photos of all my jobs but got a bit lazy and rely a lot on my reputation and recommendations. However, I think these days, the market is getting tougher and people are looking for new and inovative ideas and now I know where to come if I am in trouble.

    I also find since adopting the stab stitch method for roman blinds we have encountered a few problems with the light shining through the stitch and now we are using blackout bonded interlining next to the main fabric and then the lining but sometimes the light still shines through the stitch. other than trying to blot it out with tippex has anyone got any other ideas. We also tried using face fabric, interlining and then making the pockets in the blackout lining but again the stitch lines on the blackout shone through with strong sun, so back to the drawing board and using our bonded blackout.

    Has anyone had similar problems or advice on how to overcome this.


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    Re: Finding My Way Around

    Hi AM,

    What a lovely introduction!

    I hear from Penny that you were ALMOST coming/going to the Decozo Gathering but have been whisked away on a holiday - poor you... lol. Think it will be you sending the wish you were here cards....... though I'm sure we'll have a lovely time too!

    As to Romans and Blackout/Bonded Blackout and Interlining, there was a lady called Chunkysykes who used to post and she used to stick patches of Bolton Twill on her blinds to stop the light bleed.


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      Re: Finding My Way Around

      Hi Anne-Marie, welcome to the forum, it is addictive.

      I can't understand why I hadn't seen your post previously? You posted on 7 September and I've only just seen it, so sorry if I'm late in wecoming you.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings