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  • BONJOUR.........

    Having viewed the site for a couple of months now, which I have to say is great - really helpful and informative, have finally got round to introducing myself.
    We're now living in France in the Limousin. We have an old property which we're still renovating, having now been here for just over two years and 'loving it'.

    I have always sewn for myself and following the NDA course before we left, have undertaken curtains, blinds etc., mainly for family & friends. Have to say I've been very inspired by some of the wonderful creations in the Gallery, you're certainly a very talented bunch.

    Have made a few curtains since we arrived for friends in exchange for help on the house, and am about to start soon on curtains for our Lounge, so that will certainly keep me busy for next few weeks. Just need to get them up before the weather turns.

    This site really is very addictive and I try to restrict myself to every other day because once you're logged on time just flies by.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.


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    Re: BONJOUR.........

    Bonjour and Welcome C.B. It is a great site isn't it. That sounds like a fantastic project you've taken on and in such lovely place to live. You're right,this forum is very addictive. In fact, I must log off now and get on with some work!

    Look forward to hearing what you are making in the coming months.

    Cat C.
    Kind regards



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      Re: BONJOUR.........

      Hi C.B. and welcome to the forum. Hope you're enjoying the weather there!
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: BONJOUR.........

        Hi C.B.
        A very warm welcome from me. Don't forget to take a photo of your curtains and post on the gallery whenever you get them finished.


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          Re: BONJOUR.........

          Welcoe CB. Sounds like you're in a lovely location with quite a project on your hands. I'm sure you'll find the forum very useful - not to mention addictive.
          Looking forward to seeing your pictures in the gallery