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  • Hello from Vail, Colorado

    Hello to all of you talented folks on this site!
    I'm overwhelmed with the information I've been learning by reading through these posts.
    I'm most impressed with the video's on YouTube to help me polish technique!
    I do have a few questions that may seem silly, but perhaps the Atlantic Ocean tends to create a difference in terminology.
    Can someone define "herringbone" the lining for me? Am I to understand that the herringbone stitch does NOT go through both the lining and face fabric, but prevents the edges from fraying, correct?
    Last question is how do I "interlock" interlining? Any sites you can point me to?
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Hello from Vail, Colorado

    Hello Lisa,

    A big 'very wet' welcome to the forum. I hope the weather in Vail is drier than here.

    I have a picture of herringboning and could email this to you. Not sure how to put it up here. PM your email address and I will send to you.

    When people talk about herringboning, what this refers to is the stitch used when laying in the sides of handmade curtains. If the curtains are interlined, the herringbone stitches will not go through to the face fabric but simply catch the interlining and the folded in sides of the face fabric on the reverse of the curtain prior to hand stitching in the linings. If the curtains are not interlined, it will be necessary to take a tiny stitch on the reverse of the face fabric, using a matching thread colour. The threads should not show on the face of the curtain.

    Herringbone stitches are like reverse, side to side back stitches. You start at the left (for righthanders) and work to the right. It's my favourite stitch!


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      Re: Hello from Vail, Colorado

      Hello Rosie,
      Many thanks for your kind and thorough response - this is what I so enjoy about this site and of our friends across the Atlantic. It's very dry here in Vail, Colorado, and beautiful, I might add - about 10,000 feet about sea level
      My email address is [email protected] and would very much appreciate a pic of the herringbone stitch.
      Kind regards,