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  • Helloooo!!

    Hi...I am quite new to these bear with me!!
    I am in the process of setting up a business making curtains and blinds from home and want to be able to supply fabrics. Have an a/c with Chatham Glyn and have had the rep round - really nice - and ordered 3 books. Well this was ages ago now and have been on the phone to them and they are saying the delay is with the mill house?? Has anyone else had these problems? Streets have also taking along time to come back to us saying they are having stocktake and a change around!!! I thought they would all want the business and we seem to be coming up against obstacles!
    Can anyone suggest some other fabric houses...have looked them all up and don't know which ones to go for now! We just want a small range of a good mixture, to show clients in their own home.
    That is the introduction over for now....sorry for the rant!!

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    Re: Helloooo!!

    Hello JGM - welcome.

    This is a common question when starting out - if you take a look at it should give you a head start.....there are other posts in the same Fabrics section on various suppliers.

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