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  • clemy

    I have enjoyed the helpfulll videos at youtube from schuhby and decided to join his forum in case I can catch more usefull tips and techniques as I need them. I am not a professional in soft furnishing. I just took on the task of making curtains and other sewing machine projects for saving some money to my family while I am unemployed and childbaring... that's all.
    I am a biologist by profession.
    Sewing is hard as I am a novice but I can see that with some training and practice it is becoming more easy and enjoyable (as every other tasks).
    So, I'll be login in once in a while to search for tips.
    I am now using "the encyclopedia of sewing techniques: a step-by-step resource with over 1000 colour photographs" (apple press publisher 2005) as a guide for my curtain projects. It is a very good source I find.

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    Re: clemy

    Welcome Clemy - hopefully you will find the information and advice you need here as you go along......

    sigpic Simply Sewing


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      Re: clemy

      Hi Clemy,
      Welcome from me to. There is nothing better than to make items for your own home.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: clemy

        Hi Clemy, welcome to the Forum. I've made lots of curtains for my home in the past but I'm currently learning to make curtains with linings attached and have recently purchased the same book (as mentioned on TSF ). Like you I have learned from schuhby's video demonstrations and have been given lots of help on here too.