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  • Newbie -I've stopped lurking

    I've finally joined and stopped lurking on this forum.

    Hi there, I've recently returned to sewing, and my main thing is curtains and blinds. So this forum is really apt.
    I've lurked for ages on here and finally got around to signing up.

    I've just bought a second hand blind hemmer (adamson , industrial) I am having real problems with it.
    I used it at the house where we picked it up-it was fine. It just won't work properly at home!
    The lady said not to move the dial labelled "more/ less" its not the thread tension one, that's a spring dial whenre the thread goes through. But I think both dials got moved when trying to get it into our car.
    Anyway, its just not picking up fabric thread from below, and as well the thread tension is all over the place.

    I really don't want to go back to blind hemming on my sewing machine! ( Janome)

    #any comments would be appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie -I've stopped lurking

    Welcome, hopefully your first post will get you the help you need......

    I don't have that make of blind hemmer, but mine has two dials you can alter. One is a spring-loaded tension disc, the other alters the depth the needle pierces the fabric (may be called the scoop?) It is marked to turn one way for thin fabrics and the other for thick.

    I'm not an expert, but it might be worth having an experiment by steadily increasing/decreasing one at a time until things improve? I find the tension on mine is quite sensitive to different threads/fabrics, although I tend to leave the other thickness one alone.

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      Re: Newbie -I've stopped lurking

      Welcome Ideagrasping!

      My advice would be to contact the sellers and ask if they would walk you through the machine - they obviously knew their blind hemmer well and, unless there was a problem with the purchase, don't see why they wouldn't be happy to help you as it worked well when you bought it.....


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        Re: Newbie -I've stopped lurking

        I can't help you with your blind hemmer, except to suggest you contact the seller, and also the manufacturer, but welcome to the forum. Hope you get it sorted.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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          Re: Newbie -I've stopped lurking

          Thanks for your suggestions.

          I feel a bit of a fool, because when I was at the selller's house, I used it and it worked well, she was really very helpful. She's now retired from the business- hence the sale of the hemmer.
          Anyway, long story short: she now cares full -time for her hubby, and I've already been on the phone ot her twice, I don't want to take up too much of her time. It's much more difficult to describe than be shown what's wrong, we spent a while on the phone just to get the it threaded again-(came out during transit).
          At her house, I'd left my toddler in the car, and when she asked if I was ok with the machine I blurted 'yes, thank you', and my mind was getting the machine in the car and heading home with my little one!
          Now I feel a bit of a twit.
          Anyway, I shall- time permitting, have a go at tweaking that other dial bit by bit and see what comes of it.

          Since having the machine, I've only managed a couple of sessions on it and I've noticed that it takes a bit of getting used to, so I shall persevere.

          I thought I might ask on here, as you never know there may well be someone out there who's experienced the same thing.


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            Re: Newbie -I've stopped lurking


            I have emailed you a copy of my Brother instruction manual..

            Have you registered your business yet?


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