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    hi guys
    my name is lindsay am nearly 53 and live in france !!
    we bought a restaurant here 7 years ago but have just sold half of the buissness but we still own the building so leaves me free to do what i love SEWING !!!!
    love making curtains lined or unlined ,have come across a brilliant website for wholesale fabric at fantastic prices !! take a look!! anybody know of other sites ?

    fabric in france is very hard to get hold of and if you do its not of good quality and pricey and have to travell a fair few miles !!so i was really excited to have found this site !!
    and they deliver to france!!
    so for me its cheaper to order from england and send to france !! would love to hear from others that love making curtains etc !!

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    Re: new member

    Hello Lindsay - which part of France are you?

    You might want to check - not sure if they deliver outside the UK though....

    sigpic Simply Sewing


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      Re: new member

      Welcome to the forum, its great fun and very informative and you will get lots of help with your projects. I had a lovely job a while ago doing curtains for a house near St Emilion which included a few trips there.We also scoured some of the markets and found some lovely toiles and also a very good shop in Bordeaux that had good stuff on the roll and we got a lovely check silk there. In fact at the moment I am in the middle of making the same customer some Vanessa Arbuthnott chicken fabric curtains and blinds for their new home in the UK. Its lovely doing a whole house for someone and they are very patient over the time I take. Actually their bedroom here was in a silk that she bought somewhere in France, a beautiful embroidered silk that there wasn't sufficient of to do the whole job, so I bordered the curtains in the embroidered silk and then did an upholstered pelmet with padded borders at the top and bottom. I was really pleased with the end result as the embroidered silk was so puckered between the flowers, and somehow I managed to do it wihout the puckering showing. I might even take a picture of it when I go and hang the kitchen curtains and post it on the forum.
      Good luck


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        Re: new member

        Hello and welcome Lindsay. I too would be interested to know what part of France - I have family there, down near the Spanish border in Perpignan.

        I know when I visited there, I found it very difficult looking for good quality fabric, although there was a discount warehouse on the outskirts of Town - towards Perthus (if you're in that region).


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          Re: new member

          Hi Lindsay

          Welcome to the forum - what a lovely place to be living - you shall find lots of advice and tips on here, it is very addictive too lol

          K W Designs


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            Re: new member

            Don't know where you are either, but I do know that there is another fabric warehouse on the outskirts of Pezenas, on one of the zone artisan areas, coast side, just in off the D13.

            have had three lovely holidays that direction, further down the coast and on the Thau waterside. Oh to be back there today, its grey and wet and cold.


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              Re: new member

              Hello and welcome to the forum Lindsay. You will find so much information on this great site. Everyone is so friendly and give their knowledge so freely. If you get stuck with a problem you never feel alone in trying to sort it out.
              I see you ran a restaurant, we had a coffee shop for 20yrs. and I find it great now to have time to spend on work and projects that really interest. Coffee shop was great but such hard work. I've always had a passion for fabric and have started a small business making curtains etc. and I couldn't believe when I came across this site, as Kathy says, it's very addictive.!!

              Cat C.
              Kind regards



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                Re: new member

                Hello Lindsay,
                I welcome you to this site like everyone , me too i am new also . For me this site is a godsend and i feel i have really new friends.I am maltese.