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    Hi, I'm Debbie, an Adult Ed tutor of Soft Furnishings; maker of bespoke soft furnishings; student of upholstery and stall holder at a local farmers and enterprise market, selling my handmade gifts and home accessories. I also teach a small group of women to sew (mostly home furnishings) at a private workshop one day a week.
    Reading through all the questions and topics I think my students and I will find this website very useful. I found the link on Merrick and Day.
    I have one question already - quite a few of my customers have shown an interest in learning to sew, but have no machines. I have found a venue to set up another class and wonder if anyone knows if it is possible for me to hire domestic sewing machines?
    I would prefer to use Pfaffs but other makes would be OK.

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    Re: New member

    Hello Debbie - good to have you on board.

    I think these people hire domestic machines but they don't say what area they cover.

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      Welcome Debbie!

      Lovely to meet you Debbie. You've given a very good and amazingly concise rundown of your career(s). I hope you really enjoy all that this forum will give you - and gain from you!


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        Hi Debbie

        Great to have you on board - Where are you doing your classes? I am currently doing a Adult Ed course for Dressmaking in Bournemouth - Tutor retiring soon - so there will be a position for Soft Furnishing and Dress Making. A abundance of paper work these days!! Hand outs for everything!!

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          Thank you for your replies. I didn't realise I would get some so quickly! I will try the link to enquire about hiring machines- I could be lucky!
          As for Bournmouth - I'd love to teach down there - who wouldn't? However I'm in Kent, nr Ashford, so it's rather a long drive! I hope you find a repacement tutor soon. Unfortunately the paperwork, and the fact that Adult Ed tutors have to have a teaching qualification these days tend to put off very capable and enthusiastic people from passing on their knowledge and experience to others.
          In the current financial climate I wonder if other Soft Furnishers have found their orders increasing? It seems that most of my clients want loose covers and replacement cushions made instead of buying new furniture, and all my classes are full too, with women of all ages and experience wanting to make their own furnishings.


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            HI Debbie,
            Welcome. I also teach - I have an Adult Ed certificate but gave up teaching in college because of the hassles involved, and now just teach about 12 days a year in my workshop, which I find very enjoyable. The classes are normally full.

            Orders for loose covers has dropped slightly, but we have several curtains/blinds jobs in a queue.
            Kind regards
            Pen Harrison
            Colly Brook Fine Furnishings