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  • Hello !

    Have been reading the forum for several years now, "sew" helpful and has helped me out of some real issues over the years.
    Ive mostly been making soft furnishings for show houses which is really rewarding but hard work for me and my sewing machines and usually means spending hours day and often night in my sewing room, to the point my children hardly recognise me. Like buses, two jobs often come along at once which makes for sore fingers. However my love of fabric and the finished house is such a great feeling as Im sure you all know once the job is done. Thanks to all who help make this a friendly and informative site with your generous and much appreciated advice and tips!

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    Hello Jonquil, welcome to the forum. Your work sounds fun if pressured! Look forward to seeing some photos and learning some of your tips and tricks!

    Best wishes


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      Hello Jonquil - glad you find the forum useful and thanks for taking the time to join and introduce yourself. Hopefully you are finding tips and tricks to help your show home work go smoothly?

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        Hello Jonquil, it sounds like you have found a 'niche' in the market. In the 'lounge area' or 'business area' of the Forum I wonder if you could share some experiences of doing the curtaining for show houses? I think we'd find that very interesting, for example how you came to specialise in that area, do you work with an ID or do you choose the styles and fabrics. Who commissions you and do you know the amount of commissions that get generated from house viewings? I totally understand how pressured the work must be and having done curtaining from only being given architects plans and found difficulties I'm interested in how you handle this?
        We'd love to see photos of your work in the Gallery! Welcome to the Forum.


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