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  • Hello and thanks

    Hi I spent a lot of my childhood sewing - all manner of things like working out how to make a tie (for my Dad, it was floral and yes he did wear it bless him) and later in my early twenties making curtains etc. and trying to work out how to make a pillowcase. Well some years have flown past now and I have the time to start this hobby again but I lack the confidence these days. I have to make a roman blind by Friday and thought your calculator might be a good place to start, well.....I must confess I don't get it at all.

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    Hi Angstinabaggyjumper and welcome to the forum. You will find loads of help and advice to get you started on your sewing again, so don't be afraid to ask.

    The roman blind calculator is designed to give you the spaces you need between the rods in the blind- without it the calculations are headache-inducing to say the least!

    You enter the length you want your finished blind to be in the top section. Obviously, when you cut the fabric and lining you need to add allowances for turnings in the face fabric and rod pockets in the lining.

    You then enter the allowance for the headrail- I usually allow 8cms. Thats the section of the blind that will be attached to the headrail you have chosen and won't be included in the pleating.

    You are then left with the length which will be divided into pleats.

    You need to decide how many rods you will be using in your blind- the longer the drop, the more rods you will need. The calculator does give the correct figures for the measurements you have put in for all the options when you click on the 'update' button at the bottom of the page, so you can wait and see what the exact measurements are before you make a final decision. If you are using a heavy fabric and interlining you will want the spaces between the rods to be larger so that the final pleating isn't too bulky when the blind is drawn up. If you are making a blind for a small window and you want the blind to be stacked up as high as possible, you might want to put in an extra rod.

    I hope that helps your understanding of the calculator and you are able to get your blind done by Friday!

    Best wishes


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      Hi Angstinabaggyjumper

      Hello and welcome to the forum - I have attached one of our videos below.

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