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  • Hello to a great forum!

    Hi all,

    What a great find this site is!

    I have been making curtains since 1976, having bought my first house and buying fabric from John Lewis for £76 and them asking me for £148 to make two sets of curtains! I bought the Rufflette book and made them myself.

    Once my children were both at school, I started a City & Guilds soft furnishings, upholstery and design course. It was the first year of C&G using log books and what a mess that turned out to be. In the middle of our upholstery log books we had 6 pages of horticulture work! Neither the tutor nor students knew exactly what was expected of us - especially with the design category but we persevered and I spent 4 years studying and thoroughly enjoyed the work.

    I have never made anything for any one else but myself (I used to move house a lot and always had more on my plate than I could cope with).

    Anyway, having just moved house yet again, I was looking on the internet for roman blind rods, having eventually exhausted my bulk purchase of years ago, and I found this site. It's amazing what you find when you are not really looking, but I have spent the last 4 hours reading through different topics and have picked up quite a few useful tips. So thank you for that.

    I look forward to spending more time on this great site!

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    Re: Hello to a great forum!

    Welcome Verity. It's great to have so many new members with lots of experience to share.

    sigpic Simply Sewing


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      Re: Hello to a great forum!

      Hi Verity, I'm Elaine and also started making curtains the same as you i.e for myself. I also registered today and find the site amazing it has so much info. Makes me want to jump on my sewing machine haha. I'll be up unil midnight I think.


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        Re: Hello to a great forum!

        HI Verity

        Attracted to anyone who bears my daughter's name I am here to welcome you to the forum. Your sewing history bears quite a resemblance to mine too. I bought myself some lovely fabric from JL at the princely some of £76 and due to their size had thought I would treat myself to having them made - till they quoted the price! It was a lot of money in the 1979! So I set about them on my own. I also took C&G and now make curtains mainly for myself and family though I do occasionally branch out and work for a paying customer.

        This forum is a mine of informtion and it's owner a very helpful and experienced curtain maker himself. We now have a wonderful core of experienced curtain makers whose experience we can always call on which is comforting if you are making something slightly different for the first time.

        Hope you enjoy your time with us.


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          Re: Hello to a great forum!

          Welcome Verity, Glad you are enjoying the forum. Look forward to seeing your posts...


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            Re: Hello to a great forum!

            Hello Verity and welcome to the forum...