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  • Searching the Forums

    It is often worth searching forum threads before posting a question as you may find the answer you're looking for has already been covered. A few points to help you when searching the threads are listed below.

    The system also gives you the option to bookmark & subscribe to particular topics that you find of interest - Go to the bottom of the page, click on bookmark / subscribe, you can then manage these via your user control panel. If you subscribe to a post you will be notified via a personal message when users respond to the post you have subscribed to.

    How can I search a forum or forums?
    Enter a search term in the search box located on the index, forum or topic pages. Advanced search can be accessed by clicking the “Advance Search” link which is available on all pages on the forum.

    Why does my search return no results?
    Your search was probably too vague and included many common terms which are not indexed by phpBB3. Be more specific and use the options available within Advanced search.

    Why does my search return a blank page!?
    Your search returned too many results for the webserver to handle. Use “Advanced search” and be more specific in the terms used and forums that are to be searched.

    How do I search for members?
    Visit to the “Members” page and click the “Find a member” link.

    How can I find my own posts and topics?
    Your own posts can be retrieved either by clicking the “Search user’s posts” within the User Control Panel or via your own profile page. To search for your topics, use the Advanced search page and fill in the various options appropriately.
    MyDecozo Admin