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  • Forum Rule 1

    My.decozo was set up as a free forum for it's members and users - We took the decision from day one to keep the forum advert free and not to allow it to become a place for self promotion or a place to come and build up SEO's for the google bots. We are getting more and more new members who are doing exactly this; these members are being banned before most of you get to see them as we have systems in place to hold all 1st posts for approval.

    The forum doesn't go in for a whole heap of rules, but we have a few and I'd like to remind all members of rule 1 below...

    This is NOT the place to advertise courses or goods/services for sale without any contribution to the forum in general. Registered users may include a small signature within their posts; signatures may not contain any form of advertising, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or links to websites, blogs, facebook, twitter or any other social networking sites.

    Posts and signatures of this nature will be edited or deleted.
    Have you registered your business yet?

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