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  • Tips from the gathering

    Ladies and Gents,

    We've been sitting here this evening reflecting on Monday's gathering and recapping on the things that were covered/we learned during the day.... our heads are rather dizzy with it!

    As you've probably noted, Marela and Janie have put their fab sewing skills into practice to making pin cushions to tie to their sewing machines - I only have a semi prof machine and can't have one sadly..... but I know what an asset it can be on the front of an industrial machine. When I was in my local 'special' fabric shop (my puppy is an honorary member of their staff!) they also had little slips to hold their 6" rules stuck to their machines - much better to have them to hand than to search the workroom to no avail.

    Piping - the nemesis of practically all of us (when I thought it was just little 'ol me!). Penny gave us a piping demo. She used 3mm pre-shrunk piping cord from Merrick and Day and encased this in a 4.5cm piping strip, making piping with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Penny ran her piping there and then on the cushion rather than pre-making the piping. She doesn't know what I'm comitting her to but I hope to get a u tube video fom her with Philip's help.........

    Enid had us all in awe and not with her baking skills. Penny L asked about valances and Enid explained the finer points with clarity. Would it be rude to ask you to give us a few lines on what you explained?

    That's all for now off for a top up!

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    Re: Tips from the gathering

    Tam did a fab demonstration of how to handle and use dimout lining.
    Its something I have only used once and struggled with because it does not hold a fold after pressing, but now after seeing how Tam handles it I think I will consider using it as an option more often.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes


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      Re: Tips from the gathering

      How often do you get together? Am new to the site



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        Re: Tips from the gathering

        Hi Anne - so far we have only met up once (thanks to the generosity of Penny who you may have read hosted us at her workroom in Bedfordshire). A great success.

        However, there are also smaller get togethers at trade shows like Decorex and the BITA Roadshow. These usually get planned in the Lounge so you will here if anything is planned.

        sigpic Simply Sewing


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          Re: Tips from the gathering

          Love the idea of a pincushion attached to your sewing machine! Must do.

          Sounds like you all had a great time. I look forward to the piping demo on YouTube