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  • Site & License renewal

    Hi All

    I have had rather an expensive year this year as both the site license, hosting and the roman blind calculator site renewal have all become due. This has cost me the best part of £450.00 as the site is now hosted and maintained by vBulletin in the USA and they charge a yearly fee. You may remember the RBC was out of action for a few days recently as the domain and hosting site had expired resulting in temporary loss of use.

    We have a PayPal Donate button on the main Forum page and I would appreciate any donations towards this years costs. If you can contribute a few £'s it would be very appreciated.

    You can donate here also.

    Thank you in advance.

    Have you registered your business yet?

    A MyDecozo Directory

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    Thank you for all that you do to support this invaluable forum Philip. I'm sorry I can't donate more at the moment, but 'every little helps' as they say!

    Best wishes


    • Schuhby
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      I am very grateful of your donation, no matter the size. It's not expected or required but very much appreciated.

      Thank you

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    Hi Philip
    This forum has been and still is a hugely valuable resource to me when I’ve needed a little guidance or advice and I’d like to put a little back in .... the PayPal link in your post isn’t working though, would you mind posting the link again please or guide me to where to find it on the main forum page?

    Thank you (and Louise) for all you do to keep this site running



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      .... just looked again Philip, I clearly didn’t scroll down far enough!


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        FYI - the donate button is on the home page, right hand sde, scroll down past the shop and roman blind calculator areas.

        I enjoy this forum too! Great to keep in touch with other makers............

        sigpic Simply Sewing


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          Thank you so much for keeping this going. Donation on its way, not as much as I'd like but will donate again.


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            Found the button, job done.!!


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              Thank you very much to those of you who have donated towards the cost the site and license, your support is much appreciated.

              Have you registered your business yet?


              A MyDecozo Directory