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  • Decozo Forum Rules

    Welcome to Mydecozo!

    This is a forum populated mainly by people from around the world who have a professional interest in, or are otherwise in the construction and design of all types of soft furnishings. We are open to all and everyone is welcome.

    We operate with very few rules, but we take these rules seriously in order to maintain a harmonious forum for all.

    1 ) This is NOT the place to advertise courses or goods/services for sale without any contribution to the forum in general. Registered users may include a small signature within their posts; signatures may not contain any form of advertising, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or links to websites, blogs, facebook, twitter or any other social networking sites. Posts and signatures of this nature will be edited or deleted.

    2 ) Mydecozo is intended to be a place where people can get together, share information, discuss issues and have a laugh. As such, debate is welcome - personal attacks and insults are most certainly not. Moderators are there to do just that - moderate, and ensure the smooth running of the forum. IP addresses are logged to help them do that.

    3 ) Obscene, offensive or intolerant language, images or other media are unwelcome and will be dealt with as the moderators see fit.

    4 ) This is an open forum. Any post made here should be considered to be in the public domain. Before cross posting from another forum, permission from the original poster should be sought.

    5 ) Private conversations should be conducted via the private messaging function or email. It is considered a serious breach of privacy to publish the contents of a private message on the public forum without the consent of all parties to the conversation. To guard against malicious use emails sent via the forum are logged and are available to administrators. They are deleted from the logs after a couple of weeks provided there have been no complaints.

    6 ) Only registered members may start a topic or post a reply to a topic. Guests have access to most (but not all) forums.

    7 ) Membership is free. The sign-up process is simple, quick and only requires a valid email address.

    8 ) Members aren't obliged to post.

    9 ) The validity of members' email addresses is checked automatically from time to time. Accounts with an invalid email address are temporarily suspended until the issue is resolved. Registrations using disposable email addresses will not be accepted.

    10 ) If you are posting an image, please try to make sure that it does not exceed 500 pixels wide. If your images are much bigger than this, some users have to scroll horizontally to view the whole image and this can spoil their experience. All pictures posted become the property of the forum and will be copied and replaced in the event they are removed by the original poster - Or if links to photobucket or such sites are broken. Moderators reserve the right to resize or remove images whenever we feel it necessary.


    12 ) New topics whose primary purpose is to promote someone's business are unwanted and will be edited or removed. If you have a small business that sells products relating to the construction or design of all types of soft furnishings, contact an Adminstrator and we may be able to exchange links.

    13 ) Posts may be edited or moved to a more appropriate section at the discretion of a moderator. If you are unhappy with a moderator decision, this should be raised in a private message and not on the forum. Posts complaining about moderator decisions will be removed without warning.

    14 ) Whilst we welcome participation by families as individuals, members suspected of using more than one account for themselves will have one (or possibly more) removed at the discretion of an administrator.

    15 ) The decisions of the administrators and moderators are final, and all threads, pictures and accounts remain the property of this forum and can not be deleted without discussion with the Admin team.

    16 ) Mydecozo takes no responsiblility with regard to liablity claims made through information exchanged and sourced via the Mydecozo forum or associated links to other websites placed here.

    This site and forum is advisory and therefore not liable for failing outcomes from advice given via our users or any links.

    The use, and or registration to this forum is considered acceptance of the above rules.

    Attention Spammers!

    All IP addresses are checked against the following DNSBL services on registration and posting:

    Project Honey Post
    Stop Forum Spam

    New registrations are checked prior to activation by the board Administration.

    All spam attempts are logged and registered with the above sites and you will be reported to your IPS.
    MyDecozo Admin