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Buying an industrial eyelet machine/press

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  • Buying an industrial eyelet machine/press

    Before purchasing a new eyelet machine check that you are buying a single process machine first.

    Generally from what I have seen the machines are pretty much standard in style and are mostly made by Atwell. However, the dies are very different. Merrick & Day sell the one I own and the dies that comes with this machine are the type I recommend buying. M&D's dies are single movement dies, they cut the fabric and close the eyelets without the need to change the dies.

    The very same machine is available at Jones, but the Jones option requires you to change the dies - One set of dies for cutting the fabric, a separate set of dies for closing the eyelets. This is the same machine M&D sell but with a different set of dies.

    So basically you have to press the holes in your curtains first, then change the dies and go back over the holes previously made and press the eyelets in. Two movements rather than one.

    The M&D machine; cut the hole, lift the press arm and drop the eyelet into place and then press again to close the eyelet - then you move onto the next hole.

    And remember - Always put an equal number of eyelets in your curtains! Professional tip

    If you are considering buying one and want to know more please feel free to contact me.

    This information is based on the 40mm eyelet dies only.
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