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    Question: what stackback is required for tab top curtains and fullness ratio

    I would suggest allow 15/20cm minimum either side of the pole, also take into account the depth of the tabs when positioning the pole - a low pole will mean the top of the curtain will fall below the top recess of the window and the light will glare through the tabs.

    I'd go with 1.5 to 2 times track width, consider that the curtains will need to be dressed every time they are pulled unless you attach tape at the back to ensure the curtains pull evenly.

    what I mean by this is, when you pull the curtains most of the fullness will remain in the stackback position and the curtains will have to be dressed - Adding a length of india tape to the required width will ensure the curtains pull in pleats.

    To a large extent the tabs themselves will dictate the stackback - width of tabs x number of tabs will give you an idea of how much of the window the curtains will cover in stackback.

    Hope this helps!
    MyDecozo Admin