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Attaching velcro to roman blinds

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  • Attaching velcro to roman blinds

    When attaching velcro I use a 6mm double sided sticky tape to help keep things together while laying out and sewing.. Listed below is a step by step explanation with pictures!

    1. Make the blind as normal, leaving the top folded over with a reasonable amount of fabric as shown. [attachment=10:3154xqli]fold top.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    2. Fold the excess fabric back and pin the lining and main fabric together as shown. [attachment=8:3154xqli]pin.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    3. Take the double sided sticky tape and lay a strip across the top fold line as shown. [attachment=9:3154xqli]tape.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    4. Measure and cut the required length of velcro and lay it over the top of the sticky tape as shown. [attachment=7:3154xqli]velcro.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    5. Take to the machine and sew the bottom line as shown. [attachment=6:3154xqli]machinevel.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    6. Take back to the table and fold on the ends as shown.[attachment=5:3154xqli]mitre.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    7. Take to the overlocker and overlock above the velcro as shown.[attachment=4:3154xqli]overlock.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    8. Take back to the table, lay a strip of double sided sticky tape on the back of the fold as shown.[attachment=3:3154xqli]turnvel.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    9. Fold over and herringbone cross the bottom as shown. [attachment=2:3154xqli]herr.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    10. Take back to the machine and using a compensating foot sew a single line of stitching across the top as shown.[attachment=1:3154xqli]topsew.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    Using this method you will have a single sew line showing at the very top, and you shouldn't have problems with the width of the blind shrinking after adding the velcro.

    Compensating foot shown.[attachment=0:3154xqli]comp.jpg[/attachment:3154xqli]

    NB. If you don't have an overlocker you can fold the raw edges under the velcro leaving enough fabric to herringbone.

    Questions and comments here please!
    MyDecozo Admin