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Roman Blinds - Calculating Pockets Spacing

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  • Roman Blinds - Calculating Pockets Spacing

    The quickest and smartest way by far to construct roman blinds, is rod pockets sewn into the linings. When calculating the drop of your lining fabric you will need to allow extra on the un-finished length for the rod pockets. I allow 1cm for the first rod pocket (bottom of blind), and 2cm's for every one thereafter.

    (what you are doing in actual fact is adding a 1cm seam allowance to the fold.. 3 rod pockets = 7 folds but the seam allowance in added at the pocket and I have based this on 4mm rods)

    People tend to cut everything to the perfect size, piece by piece - This isn't necessary, all I do is cut and fold my main fabric to the correct size, the linings I fold in to the required width, square off at the bottom and leave the top, this can be cut to size after attaching to the main fabric.

    The easiest way is to get a length of lining, fold the sides to you required width and leave the length. On a piece of paper work out you spacings - Finished drop, minus track/headrail allowance (deepest point) - Divide remaining by an odd number to work out the required number of pockets.. Once you're happy with the spaces inbetween the rods add you pocket allowance...


    Roman blind 99cms drop, headrail at the deepest point is 7cms

    99 - 7 = 92

    92 / 7 = 13.1

    (Add the headrail depth which is 7cm's to the first pocket calculation which is 13 - This figure will tell you the length of the blind when fully pulled up - In this case the blind will pull up to 20cm's)

    Mark your first line at 14 cms (extra 1cm seam allowance for the first rod)

    Double the measurement and mark your second and third line at 28 (seam allowance included)

    I mark my linings face down using a straight edge and a very fine crochet hook - Using the crochet hook with a small amount of pressure across the lining to score the fabric. I then use the score line as my folding guide.

    Fold the scored line, crease with your thumb nail, take to your sewing machine and machine each rod pocket with a 1cm allowance. Sew all pockets at 1cm to form the pocket.

    If you fold the blind and put a soft fold line in between each rod pocket you will see either a rod pocket or soft fold line every 13cms. .. You will have your bottom rod pocket at 13cms - fold line at 26cm's - rod pocket at 39cms - fold line at 52cms - final rod pocket at 65 - fold line at 78 - head rail.

    You will have either a rod pocket or fold line every 13cms forming a ladder-like look to your lining.

    Attach the lining to the main fabric and stab stitch under each pocket to secure the fabrics together - Maintain the same tension - I usually stab stitch every 15 cms unless the fabric pattern or rings and cording dictates otherwise.

    Hope this makes sense.. If not, drop me a line.

    Making pockets in the lining for rods is also covered in the book 'Professional Soft Furnishings' by Wendy Shorter.
    MyDecozo Admin