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  • Half Drop Pattern Repeats

    Calculating a half drop

    Check for a half drop repeat before buying - Ask questions, it'll save you time and money later!

    A half drop occurs when the matching point of a diagonal pattern is not replicated identically on the opposite edge of the fabric as in the top picture below compared to a traditional pattern in the picture beneath it.

    [attachment=0:dztdy8ah]half_patern_repeat.jpg[/attachment:dztdy8ah] [attachment=1:dztdy8ah]full_patern_repeat.jpg[/attachment:dztdy8ah]

    This simply means that the point at which you match your fabric is half the pattern drop lower on each joining. There is a very simple way of dealing with this. If you need to cut 6 cut lengths from a roll of fabric to make two three width curtains. First cut three lengths with the full pattern at the head then cut away half of the pattern drop away and cut the three remaining lengths you will then be able to alternate these 6 lengths of fabric to make your two curtains of three drops each. The only difference this has made to your fabric order is that you need to add one half pattern drop to the overall length.

    In some cases this half drop can be accommodated with the full drop calculations. When you add up your pattern repeats and divide them into the cut length, if the additional pattern repeat is under the half when you round up to the whole number the half drop is already accommodated.

    Cut drop = 2.5 metres pattern repeat – 27cms

    2.5 metres divided by 27cms = 9.26 pattern repeats. Round up to 10

    10 x 27cms = 2.7 metres minus 2.5 metres cut drop = 20cms of extra fabric in each cut length

    The 20cms of spare fabric is already more than the half drop so no additional fabric is required in a half drop situation.

    Calculating Plain & Patterned Fabrics

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