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Fabric covered laths

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  • Fabric covered laths

    This is an ideal solution if your window ledge protrudes out more than your curtain track and you need to bring the tracking forward to allow the curtains to clear the ledge. A common problem with bay windows.

    You may find the link [email protected] used to explain fabric covered laths in a earlier post of interest - See here for more pictures. The pelmet board is covered in the same fabric as the curtains or a contrast, track attached and a second length of wood covered in fabric attached to the face of the wood to cover the track.

    Instructions for doing this are featured in the M&D Encyclopedia of Curtains, page 114 & 227

    I use them alot but have to confess I leave them to my fitter to upholster as theres just not enough hours in my day to make them up too. I have just finished some hand printed silk fabric covered lathes which look fab.(Same customer that was very particular how far the curtains stacked back)

    You need 12" or 30cm strips of fabric pattern matched along the width if necessary to cover an average board.So hope that helps in calculating fabric quantity

    A good track fitter is worth his weight in gold when it comes to fitting lathes and tracks to a bay window. Mine makes them up in situ ( very clever man !)... [email protected]
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